Uta no prince sama game

Ringo then keeps trying to prince imitate all the game other utapri guys to see how it would fare for him when doing his male act lol.
He then asks Haruka to take a bff photo sama of them together.
A few days later Haruka comes to his place and the look at the blossoming cherry trees from his window.By slave he really means he just wants her to be his housekeeper :lol.Close to the Xmas concert, everyone realizes prince that Camus is messing up the unit harmony.It has prince a key on it and he tells her that he hops she can unlock his heart with it one day.Some time passes and he disappears from the idol industry but Natsuki and Sho want to do a tribute concert to him.Ren and Masatos butlers game inform Haruka that they knew Ranmarus family because of all the rich bocchamas mingling together.Camus is the only character in this whole game whose song I actually liked.Haruka then realizes hes passionate but she doesnt know who he is passionate for and gets all jelly (without realizing its her!).Some sprite changes would have been nice since I couldnt even tell what season they were in until suddenly christmas.This was the bear game that Ranmaru saw in Camus room but then hes like I dont want this thing.After Haruka gets better and they start talking about the music festival, she realizes that thats when theyll have to part and starts crying. In addition to this, they saw that professor who works on Ai was with Aine settlers at the time of his hospitalization. .
For one of the jobs where they are in a commercial, Ranmaru plays bass while settlers Camus plays violin.
Finally Natsuki notices her and sama glomps and squeezes her and Haruka tries to meow to tell them its her but well it only comes out as meow meow so they dont understand.
After Aine disappeared, Reiji just felt like it was his fault and feels like this whole incident is a punishment from god.
Ringo tells Haruka that Saotome cast a magic spell on him when he became a trap and hes always been afraid that the spell would wear off like in Cinderella.
Shes like no ho, you gonna sing my song and then she brother gets Ren and Masato to be sponsors and also gets Saotome to agree to let Ranmaru perform at the music festival on the condition that he will WIN.
They run into his car and drive to some nearby hotel to dry up so that they dont catch a coldand prince well its a hotel so of course humping ensues ( ).
Haruka tells him that even after the clock strikes 12, Cinderella found happiness and he asks Haruka to kiss him and to erase the spell.He pulls Haruka on the horse with him and they ride towards the stage.They go to the hot springs together, where Camus admits that hes fallen in love with Haruka ever since that original hot springs trip where they performed their music together.He wanted Ai to become an idol and do his work well and learn that the world is not a scary evil place after all. .Ranmaru gets pissed and goes to the yakuza telling them to gtfo while the morons throw chairs around.While he helps her make some udon, she ends up falling on top of him and they accidentally kiss.Also patch I feel like the bonus CGs should have been included during the confession scenes instead of shown after the fact meh.Hearing the queen come up again Haruka continues crying. He says he hated Reiji for killing Aine but after hearing Ais songs realized that theyre just chasing after Aines shadow and to let old grudges on Reiji.They get stuck sama there because of some malfunction so Ai hugs Haruka to make her feel better prince and they watch the falling snow.When Cecil arrives, Camus says the reason for the arranged marriage is because the queens powers have been weakening. She then takes over Harukas body, but not mind and Haruka finds that she cannot control her movements.

Reiji hides Harukas face but not too soon does a tabloid magazine publish the photos.
( He uta no prince sama game thanks her for everything, and kisses her goodbye.
Ranmaru yells at Camus and says that he has no passion in his singing.