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I'm a playa, you not the game same, who to loose.But that's a thousand point, one got it, but the game thing drained her.They didnt make it work.I cant even listen game to it, it sounds like Im on a transistor radio because of game the way they recorded.Techs mindset, game never letting business effect music, game is so interesting to hear about.After all of these years of releasing music, what never gets old for you?Tech N9ne is getting ready to drop his new album. Bonus three hundred if she come over and get naked.
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It was fucked up in Europe, because of the language barrier.
Anything you line look forward too when youre doing a release?Nah, cause Im just creating music, just like I always have and other people do the scheduling.Kutt Calhoun, baby you doin good stay on it picked up an extra man.Its a rollercoaster ride come on as I give it a spin.We font talked to Tech about the new release plan, some of the challenges, and what he is excited for come release day, next Friday.Me and Tech N9ne just fucked the whole game.Then they can march, hate can spark, names DA-danger.A hundred points she gets cause we connected.Youre trying to record in the studio with people who dont know your sound and dont know what youre saying.In Russia, it was a lot better, but anything outside of your comfort zone, cookie which is Strangeland Even when I did Fragile in Portlandfucking bitch!That'll get you an extra man now we gamin on that there.By using Twitters services you agree games to our.Hook - Krizz Kaliko Thank you for playing Gamer Congrats if you are the winner Sorry and shit if you are a loser If indeed game manually you failed Please come again But remember Continuous play may cause extreme nausea and often results can be fatal -Game.

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Caution, the game n9ne for if you do enguage and you lose, this could result in sever heart trauma or distort your way of thinking.
As the beats come, I write.