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Discussion, lesson Dramatisation, view Written assignments, read the following resources.
Connector - makes connections between the books.
(1.1.1) The student will write an artist statement describing the element of plan art they just covered and describe their interior room (e.g.Materials: Materials: Copy paper (exercise) 18x24 view Paper (project) point Pencils Erasers Rulers/Protractors Colored plan Pencils.Two teenagers went to a Pop Concert.RL.1.6, identify who is telling the story at various view points in a text.Vocab: horizon line, vanishing point(s horizontal/vertical/orthogonal lines.It becomes difficult to analyse the truth of view the story as no other perspectives are given. Identify similarities and differences between the point stories and record them.
p p The children are expected to use the relationships they had discussed in the previous lesson to help them decide how to create these symmetric designs.
Then, the teacher asks, how many places do you think that the two points will meet?
Age Group: 10-11, objectives, by the end of the lesson students should be able to: retell a story from the point of view of one of the characters create alternative endings for traditional stories show respect for the perspectives of others.
The reader only experiences what that one character portrays metro and thus feels a personal connection to the character.
Lesson Plan Grade 1-2 plugin Symmetry /p p Detailed Plan of Lesson 1 /p p Suggested Time: 30 minutes /p p Computer task: Exploring vertical symmetry with the discrete symmetry machine /p p After an initial survey of the childrens understanding of the word symmetry, the.
Examine the language used in the story and determine how the narrator has led us to classify the wolf as the villian.
What you do on manual one side, you do on the other /p p To develop students language related to spatial thinking and reflectional symmetry,.e.p p The children are invited to explain what will happen by coming up to the screen and showing their predictions.Assessment Strategies: Strategies: Questions and responses during presentation presentation to show understanding.Dramatise the recreated story.Give reasons which may account for the differences in opinion.With the latter plan designs, windows the teacher encourage the children to talk about the relationships that should be present in order for a design to be symmetric.Individual monitoring during practice (double-check comprehension).How can color be used to create a sense of space?Lesson Plan Grade 1-2 Symmetry /p p Detailed Plan of Lesson 2 /p p Suggested Time: 20 minutes /p p Computer task: Exploring horizontal and oblique symmetry /p p Using the discrete symmetry machine from previous lesson, the teacher invites the children to explore the.The world's largest digital library, try plan Scribd free for 30 days to access over 125 million titles without ads or interruptions!How can understanding point of view be applied to real world context when interacting with others.For example: Before drawing the shape of a heart or a house on the screen, the student must identify what they are about to draw.