Owners manual for winchester model 1300 shadow

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The manual basic operating procedures are the same for nearly all of them.
The style and adjustment system may owners vary between models and grades.Press the cutoff again to model release the second shell.The 1300's floating rib design allows the rib to move without distorting shadow your sight plane.Remove THE shell from THE chamber.Immediately replace the magazine cap.A variety of WinChoke choke tubes shadow are available for use in your Model 1300, including models designed for use with sabot-type slugs.Either model end of the spring can manual go on first. Never force parts into position.
Take time to wipe down and clean all external surfaces as explained under "Cleaning and Maintenance Suggestions" below.
Removinq the Maqazine Pluq When hunting migratory birds, Federal Law mandates the use of manual a grammar magazine grammar restriction device that only allows a total of three shells to be held in poweriso your poweriso shotgun at one time.
Before beginning assembly of your Model 1300 you should first wipe the mechanism clean and apply a few drops of quality oil on the indicated surfaces (Figure 2).
The magazine plug is spring- loaded and can thrust out of the magazine when the friction-type magazine retainer is removed too quickly.
The procedures below are model for the most common type of open sights zwcad found on Model 1300 shotguns.
WinChoke Choke Tube failed System Some Model 1300s are fitted with the interchangeable WinChoke choke tube system.You can feel the slight rearward force on the forearm as you shoot, which makes it much easier to begin your pumping action.This can be repeated until the magazine is empty.Please read and study them thoroughly.Depress the carrier with the front of the shell (Figure 6).