Na miata manual transmission fluid

Many people have cursed this plug after rounding it off miata with an manual adjustable wrench.
There fluid is a remote possibility that fluid the shifter turret can leak manual down into miata the transmission body.Engine Oil Capacity, quarts.Avoid the temptation to put an adjustable wrench on miata it because that can strip the head to a point where you will never get it out.I don't think you'll have a choice on this for the Ford MTF. I can't recommend them enough.
Any good synthetic powerdvd GL-5 fluid powerdvd will last 100k miles.
If you drain first and can't get the fill plug out, you are stuck without oil in the transmission.
Ethylene Glycol Protection, lowest Temperature, water/Coolant, gravity at 20C 68F.
Above -16C 3F 65/35.054, above -25C -15F 55/45.066, above -40C -40F 45/55.078, mazda part number for the water pump gasket is B6BF-15-116.
Transmission Drain Plug 1999 Miata powerdvd Differential Transmission Drain Plugs Manufacturer Part.
I'm in Florida and the temperature ranges you experience and driving you do may bear on which oil you use.I personally use Mobil 1 10W-30 in all of my vehicles.Always always powerdvd remove the fill plug before you drain the transmission.Fits: Miata: Oil Drain Plug, differential Plugs.Total capacity.7 quarts.Between the high powerdvd mark and the low mark on the dipstick (the checkered area).85 quart.Always use GL-4 grade oil for the manual transmission.Use a turkey baster to remove as much fluid as possible and replace it with the same fluid you put into the transmission.A stuck plug is more common than you think.These days, there are lots of great full cricket synthetic choices.