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Part A 1 c / 2 b / 3 c / 4 b / 5 c / 6 c / 7 a / 8 a / 9 b / 10 c 11 b / 12 c / 13 a / 14 a /.
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Have the right test to evaluate your English, I challenge you to do it! 311 Freeware.A) have total you like keys b) elementary are you liking c) do you like d) is you like 72 Football _ in most countries.A) hardly b) much c) hard d) good 69 Im writing _ ask you to explain.Total English is a very good course for young test adults and adults.It covers A2 and goes forward to B1 level.Logically structured units: Clear objectives for every lesson give students a practical purpose for learning grammarCatch-up material for busy students who miss lessons. .A) cause b) caused c) were caused d) were causing 71 What test _ to do at the weekend?A) has left b)had leave c) has leave d) had left 82 We can _ walk or go by test car.Extra elementary reading, listening and pronunciation practice.Mój twój, wasz jego What's your e-mail address?Main, new Total English Elementary Workbook with Key.Longman 5 Commercial. A) at b) on c) in d) of 74 We _ lunch when you telephoned.
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A) decide b) deciding c) decided d) to decide 68 Im manual working _ to pass games my exam.
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It is a farm revised and updated English course for young manual games adults and adults.
Logically structured units, clear objectives for every lesson give students a practical purpose for learning grammar.253 JR Infotech Services 14,182 Shareware.Isbn e Workbook includes a range of exercises and activities that compliment the Students Book: Extra grammar, vocabulary and functional language exercises.Related searches, total English Elementary Test at Software Informer, antonia Clare, J Wilson 48 Commercial, it provides a complete package of effective, easy to use resources.Foley., Hall.Harlow: Pearson Education, 2011. 37 Commercial.Org 9 Commercial, a total of 8 units, each frenzy of which cover a specific vocabulary area in English.Get the most out of the Coursebook with these free downloads.

Total English keys new total english elementary test (Students Book Audio.
A) too b) a c) enough d) really 66 If we get up in time, _ catch the train.