Hp laserjet 1150 service manual

Removing print cartridge Use a pair of needle nose pliers (PR# T1420) to gently squeeze the two small tabs manual on the transfer roller.
Power cord unplugged Remove the input trays.Roller scrubbed with clean water Using a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe the pickup roller to remove loosened dirt.New laserjet separation pad positioned in place A - New separation pad positioned in slot B - Spring loaded base note: The tab on the right is manual larger to help in positioning it manual correctly.Lift the right side of the printer and release service the tab (as shown in callout 2) on the bottom side of the cover.While pressing the release tab, gently rotate the cover manual away from the printer.Removing transfer roller Replacing the fuser assembly Removing the fuser assembly Remove the left side cover by pulling out on the notch (callout 1) on the rear side of the cover.Press down and hold the two release levers in order to fully remove the cover from the machine.Removal of back cover To remove the right side cover, remove one screw (callout 1) on the rear side of the printer.Find the pickup roller.(For the HP LaserJet 1300 series, it might be necessary to push down the media lift plate laserjet to see the separation pad.) Blue separation pad To pry the separation pad up from the spring-loaded base, insert a flat-edged screwdriver in the slot under the separation.Perform all steps listed above in reverse order to reinstall the fuser assembly. Printer windows plugged in Replacing the transfer roller animate Removing the transfer roller Open the print cartridge laserjet door and remove the print cartridge.
Roller wiped with lint-free cloth Allow the pickup roller to dry completely before reinstalling it in the printer.
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Replacing the transfer roller, replacing the fuser assembly, ordering supplies and accessories.
Replacing or cleaning the separation clampettpdf pad.
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Reinstall the print cartridge, awakening and close the print cartridge door.
Print cartridge door opened and print cartridge removed.Introduction, this document explains how to install and maintain the consumables for the HP LaserJet 11eries printers, which consist of the pickup roller, the printer separation pad, the transfer roller and the fuser assembly.HP RM Publisher: Precision Roller.Removal of left bracket Remove the two screws as shown in callout 5; each screw is located on the side windows of the printer.Reach in through the opening, push the spring-loaded base down with one hand, and pull the separation pad up with the other hand.This item may experience delays.How soon will this item ship?Ordering supplies and accessories The following table lists common HP supplies and accessories.2102 West Quail Avenue, Suite 1 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (800) / (623) M-F 7:00am - 5:00pm MST (noDST) Individual brands are copyrighted by their respective owners.