Diablo 3 full game bit

Blizzard has made such a wonderful game design, without much changing the game controls and gameplay.
If you're looking for more info on any of these free editions of Diablo III, you can check out the full Console Demo FAQ here game or the PC/MAC Starter Edition FAQ here.
My friends do not have game this issue game at all, full so I've ended up just getting them to game find people for groups for me, which is getting to be a bit of a pain asking people to help me like that all the time.
Any suggetions Sorry for my bad english hope to understand what is happening here KostasLustLord1.Any idea how to get my progress diablo back?Happy to provide any further information Yuuh4.Many people have this problem, and I'm guessing you have no fix for this blizzard, right?So now i am forced to downgrade my Wireless infrastructure from 867 mbit AC to 300 mbit N, to play Blizzard games (I only play Diablo 3 though) And that is extremely unsatisfied!If you need some, there is many Topics on oneOcean3 lost progress Hello ive lost the progress of the day ive killed skeleton king and exit the game, later i logged and all the progress was lost and need to start from the begining, barbarian.I've no idea how to look for him.Sometimes it will disconnect at a certain point, and sometimes it will resume the game after seconds or minutes, in both exsamples it is not playable (And glad that i am not playing Hardcore) So i started to debug the error from the start. And still no fix?!
I get disconnected about 9/10 games I enter and always get disconnected when TPing or using diablo waypoints.
Can't access profile to view characters I've recently bought and been playing Diablo 3 on the xbox one.
Game workout freezing right after entering the town.
So decided to look deeper in shaolin to this, plan because shaolin it is not my ISP, as i can see Blizzard are telling all people.
All Blizzard games are working without any lags sciencenews at all.
Only workaround is to play shaolin in Full screen (window) And then you loose some FPS. 18:26:43 UTC SirRise1 guardian achievement bug hello.I played the game and farmed and yet you have banned my char not my account just my main char.And for all other people that are facing this lag issues, if you are using AC network try to connect to the.4 Ghz network instead.Shieled box fro a big store here in Greece.