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Gameplay * Calls effectivity fixed; * Bows and crossbows accuracy fixed; * Arrow hit sound increased; * Faster animal reaction when gets shot; * Deer hunter feeder fixed; * Can't place tripods and blinds through fences and buildings; * Don't let hunter get trophy deer inside.
Fast easy and free downloads.Deer Hunter 2004.1 Patch, general: * Fixed crash due to the shell ejection hunter fx; * Bottles fixed; * Performance optimizations; * Win98/ME file access fixed.Mano rankiai, mano meniu, prisijungę draugai, paieka.Trophy Viewer * Showing game version; * Animal weight added; * Shot distance fixed (using yards).Statistika Žaidimai:.056 573.994.You can download these, deer Hunter 2004 crack cracks for free from the biggest Deer Hunter 2004 library on the internet.Tikrinti, ar yra nauj atsakym temoje.01, perokti.-Klubai-Noriu susipažintiApie viskąIki 1830 nginiaieimaIT klubasFlora ir faunaSportasGSM klubasKlubas "Be stabdži"MuzikaLinksmybzŽvej klubasMaistasMano bstasEnglish First ClubKitoks pasaulisAlaus klubasElektronikos klubasTeis ir politikaFoto ir video klubasKultraPasaulio lietuviaiSveikatos klubasSkelbimai deer ir darbasVerslas ir ekonomikaKeliautoj klubasPasidaryk patsKarybos klubasStilius ir madaEkstremal galerijaDabar naroGarbs pakylaGdos stulpasBangiei kapins.To know more how we use cookies, see our privacy policy.Download the latest free cracks no cd fixed exe for Deer Hunter 2004.Download Deer Hunter 2004 cracks, free Deer Hunter 2004 no cd, Deer Hunter 2004 fixed exe free Deer Hunter 2004 cracks, Deer Hunter 2004 free no cd fix, play Deer Hunter 2004 without cd free download Deer Hunter 2004 no dvd crack, no cd crack. Interface * Refresh servers list crash fixed; * "Missing player name text input" error message fixed at hunter screen; * Selected hunter skin fixed at the interface; * Fixed problem when changing hunter name and model; * Fix when selecting scope for the 2nd weapon.
Graphics * Arrows following the hit position of the animal more precisely; * Hunter model distance from ground fixed; * Rainbow fx code fixed; * Showing all scents in 3rd person view.
Network * "Time limit is zero" fixed; * "Bad Packet" fixed due to a "deer food" bug; * Showing other players when selecting the starting point ( show players in GPS option must be enabled * Total score fixed; * Fix to not allow all.
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