Command and conquer 3 patch failed

These include: Power Plants, Reactors, Tiberium Silos, Barracks, Hands of Nod, and conquer Portals.
Infantry reduced.
There is patch failed a tab for launching replays and a tab for launching Mods.Tiberium Infusion: Upgrade bonus failed to infantry squads' health reduced.Ability to select all units of a type or types on screen that command are failed currently selected.This is found under the Skirmish button in the Main Menu.Find game dialog has been sped.Stasis Shield: Support Power cost increased by 100 failed to 2000.If the host of an internet game is using a modified or user created map, the guests will now get a warning message instead of just a blank preview.Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry, command Conquer 3: Wojny o Tyberium z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja.1.09 PL, data publikacji 25 października 2007.Directional armor removed, which makes the unit failed more resistant to attacks from the flank and rear.Added effects for when Tiberium crystals are attacked and destroyed. You should notice that the game runs faster at the start of the game (if you have a crack good connection) than it used.
Brotherhood of Nod Balance Changes/ - Militant Squad: Speed increased.
Garrisonable structures should now be symmetrical for both players.
Added a wider variety of scorch marks to sumo the battlefield.
Scrin Stormriders are now affected by the player's handicap setting in multiplayer matches.
The game now uses the ping times from the lobby/game options screen to set simulator up multiplayer timing values for the game.Radar Scan: Support Power cost increased by 20 to 300.Structures now lose Ground Control radius as soon as they are destroyed.The game can now run from any sumo valid CD drive, not just the one with failed the first drive letter.GDI Balance Changes/ Grenadier Squad: Range increased.Tiberium Infusion: Upgrade cost increased by 300 to 2000.Pitbull: Health increased.Previously they continued providing Ground Control for several seconds while crack crack their husks remained onscreen.Multiplayer Maps /New Map: Wrecktropolis the ongoing conflict between the forces of GDI, the Brotherhood of Nod, and the Scrin have taken a tremendous toll on the world, as evidenced by countless ruined husks of cities.This allows players to set the initial game speed.This is a two-player map available conquer for ranked matches.When the message 'Computer has been defeated' is printed when an AI loses, the message is printed in the color that matches the AI's units.