Age of empires 3 last patch

King's Hill fort is last no longer deletable.
Fixed reload animation of gunpowder units, mainly an issue with attack move mode.
Russian Kalmucks now have correct sound files.Fixed shipment arrival message of Indian Distributivism misleadingly empires referring to patch the card empires as Agrarianism.Heavy Fortifications home-city patch shipment now upgrades in the correct order and displays correct names; it now properly includes the effect of the Revetment improvement.Tiger Claws siege attack and hand attack in Cover Mode now decreases properly.The "Unresponsive Player" dialog now allows any player to save the game on his computer using a new Save button (this does not affect last the voting).Removed nonstandard Villager multipliers last from all AbstractElephant units (previously.5 for Siege Elephant's attack and in hand attack of the rest).Recalculated Mansabdar Flail Elephant build/kill bounty (60 - 50).Fixed a bug causing certain unit sounds to be heard across the whole game map, regardless of camera distance from the sound origin.The game will now be automatically saved on each player's computer upon encountering an OOS (out-of-sync).Fixed Gurkha hotkey name (previously labeled as Urumi Swordsman).P Report problems with download.British team Musketeer / Grenadier Hitpoints home-city shipment now properly affects Janissaries.Silk Road Trading Sites now have correct sound files.Gatling Guns now have the correct icon. Monitor cost reduced to warrior 600w, 200c (from 800w, 200c experience-bounties adjusted to 80 (from 100 Long-range Bombardment Attack cooldown increased to 90 seconds (from 60) range decreased to 70 (from 100).
Multiplayer save/restore edit edit source Added "Save" option into the hunger main simulator game menu of multiplayer matches.
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties -.03.
Flaming Arrows now have the correct multiplier against Arrow Knights.With 7 to 8 players, 3v3 tvb is assumed.Howdahs and Mansabdar Howdahs now have standardized modifiers; Howdahs now get the correct multiplier against Coyote Runners in Melee Mode.Game resolution for Aizamk's Spectator UI is decided upon shaolin match start, and will not react to further resolution changes applied during the course of a match.Team 5 Manchu home-city shipment now correctly takes 60 seconds to arrive.Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Surgeons now have correct sound files.Banner Mongolian Army now has warrior the correct population count when made.The game version will be listed at the top of the screen.Units will no longer appear as standing idle while reloading.Carabineer unique model/art now activates upon researching the Carabineers upgrade.The new option is properly synchronized between players in a game room, and its default state will persist for the host indefinitely (saved in profile).We are extremely excited to invite you to the Age of Mythology nero Patch Preview! .Fixed a bug allowing for "knocked out" units (such as downed explorers) to wake up on command warrior at any point by using a hotkey to change their tactics/squadmode.The Spectator UI will be automatically activated in live matches as well as while playing workout back recorded games on a UI-enabled map (working on all post-UI.2 maps and post-EP.1 recs).