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Alongside the game single missions, Aces of the deep game Deep includes a single player Career Mode where the player can choose which year of the war he wants to start his career, up until the end of the war.
Most amazing is the prototype Type XXI U-boat, which includes sonar and radar abilities as well as two kinds of torpedo types for its exclusive use.U-boat during, world War.There are also several historical missions where the player can replay the role of some of Germany's greatest U-Boat captains.Just one click to download at full speed!The game includes single mission mode, where the player can choose to attack a convoy, a task-force of warships (consisting of cruisers and/or battleships or a carrier task-force in a variety of conditions.Released in 1994 on DOS, it's still available and playable with some tinkering.The tactics and weapons used by the ships within the game are also historically based.While the gameplay is unchanged deep it adds new textures, voice acting and video interviews with German submariners.Aces of the Deep was the last installment of, dynamix 's.There is also an extensive in-game manual that covers the development of the U-boat, time-line based maps that show kill-to-loss ratios, and, on the.Reception edit In 1996 deep Computer Gaming World ranked Aces of the Deep as the 71st best game of all time, calling it "still unrivaled for creating an authentic atmosphere." 1 References edit External links edit.Some of the more interesting features are the six new historical missions as well as the ability to enter aces (but possibly not leave due to currents) the Mediterranean Sea.An on-line manual gives detailed information about deep the historical background and submarine tactics.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. The game was re-released.
Here is the legacy video aces game Aces of the manual Deep!
There are also several historical missions where the player can replay the role of some of Germany's greatest U-boat captains.
Sierra On-Line for, windows in 1995 player as, command: Aces of the Deep.Expansions edit An expansion package aces for either the floppy or CD versions of Aces of the Deep adds manual brand new missions, areas and a special prototype XXI U-boat submarine.Aces of the Deep is a World War II U-boat combat simulation game, places you at the command of a German aces Navy U-Boat during the Second World War.CD-ROM version, video interviews with former German U-boat captains.Depending on the game mode chosen (single mission or career you will perform a series of missions or choose one episode (eg destroying Allied convoys).