2006 sv650 service manual

He ABS is normally activated.
Page 85) 3) Measure the voltage between 3 terminal and 4 terminal at the coupler.
Tester multi-circuit tester Use manual the Suzuki multi-circuit tester ( ).(Faulty valve relay power supply or ground wire) irreparable malfunctions Even though the ABS is operating correctly, a DTC is memorized in any of the following conditions.This ABS control unit/HU can not be disassembled.Incorrect Incorrect 73 74 SV650K7/SK7/AK7/SAK7 (07-model) ABS information!K at 20 30 C (68 86 F) * Approx.Make sure that the proper clamps are used and positioned correctly.Wheel speed sensor circuit open (F) *2 Wheel speed sensor circuit open or short, loosen manual contact in wheel speed sensor connector, input amplifier in ABS control unit failure, etc.Indicator status Page ON manual *1 ON manual ON Page 102 # manual ON ON ON ON ON ON *3 ON *3 (ON) *4 ON # Page 104 # Page 105 # Page 106 # Page 109 # Page 110 # Page 113 # Page 115 # Page.Open or short circuit in the B/Lg, P/W, manual G or W/B wires.If OK, then measure the pair control solenoid valve resistance.F) STP sensor signal (STP) Power source for service sensors (VCC) HO2 sensor signal For E-02, 19, 24, 33 Clutch lever position switch (CLT) CKP sensor signal (CKP) Power source for fuel injector (VM) Power source for back-up Power source Sensor ground (E2) ECM ground (E1).Tire pressure SV650/SK3 2-29) Wheel SV650/SK3 7-10 and -89) battery Battery voltage Turn the ignition switch to OFF.2 V note: Injector voltage can be detected only 3 seconds after ignition switch is turned.Also check the coupler for locking (looseness corrosion, dust, etc. Ground IAT sensor The sensor voltage should be the fol- IAT sensor, lead wire/coupler connection lowing.
Step 1 1) Inspect if the pump motor makes turning noise by setting the ignition switch to ON from OFF when the vehicle stands still.
" : Spark plug socket wrench set EAT range Check to see the heat range of the plug.
130 (5.1) * 130 (5.1) 429 (16.89) 437.4 (17.22) 92 (3.62) 94 (3.70) 3rd groove from Top suzuki fork OIL SS8 or equivalent fork oil 490 ml (20.2/17.3 US/Imp oz) 485 ml (16.4/17.1 US/Imp oz) 3/7 * 3/7 * 147 (5.8) * 147 (5.8).Get it in front annual of 160 million buyers.3) Start the engine at idle speed and measure the IAP sensor output voltage at the wire side coupler.1 29 30 SV650K7/SK7/AK7/SAK7 (07-model) 5) Measure the voltage between Dg wire terminal and ground.C32 (P0201 C33 (P0202) C40 manual (P0505) C40 (P0506) C40 (P0507) C41 (P0230) C42 (P1650) C44 peeling (P0130) C44 (P0135) C49 (P1656) detected detected failure condition item Fuel injector crack CKP sensor (pickup coil) signal is produced, but fuel injector signal is interrupted several times (Front 8 times.4.5 V * Approx.Warm up the engine and check the engine idle r/min.M The ABS indicator light goes off when the motorcycle is ridden at more than 5 km/h (3.1 mile/h).Normally, the removed O-ring must be replaced with a new one.If wire and connection are OK, go to Step.Click manual the ABS button.SV650K7/SK7/AK7/SAK7 (07-model) 145 rear wheel speed sensor installation (For SV650A/SA) *2 M *3 *4 A S toes 1 Guide 2 Brake hose 3 Wheel speed sensor lead wire 4 Washer 5 Screw 6 Clamp *1 7 Wheel speed sensor *1 Check the clearance between clamp and.YES NO Go to Step 2 Loose or poor contacts on the ECM coupler.Fit the clamp around the sleeve peeling insert the clamp to *15 hole of fender.