1.02 2 battle earth middle patch

We know there's earth at least one middle more out there and are still investigating.
Pikemen Heavy Armor upgrade gives less protection against attacks by soldier-class units.
Garissoned units can be removed from Ruined Towers at any time.
Fixed a bug that caused some high-ranking players to Quickmatch against first-time users.Version.02 - April, 2005 important note: - The nvidia ForceWare.84 and.89 drivers are known to cause BfME to occasionally crash with a 'DX8 Error' middle patch message for certain users.Saruman now gains Leadership as a default ability.Balance middle changes - Gandalf's Istari Light, as either Gandalf the Grey battle or Gandalf the White, no longer kills the Mordor Witchking with one attack.Comments on this File, there are no comments yet.We're working closely with the nvidia team to solve these issu.This should apply to both normal and alternate mouse setups.We will patch update you as soon earth as it has been implemented. Game ever will sometimes patch crash while lobby screen is open.
Added tooltips for the best new Communicator that was added in patch.01.
The Lord of the Rings(tm The Battle for Middle-earth(tm).
Rank will correctly appear next to player names in online lobbies.Save games now correctly update the profile from rpgs which that game was created.Game no longer earth spams Gamespy server with unnecessary persistent ever storage requests.Flying units can no longer be immobilized by Lurtz's Cripple Strike.This caused some carefully placed units within castle walls best to become invincible against catapults.Pressing Shift and left-clicking the mouse on terrain no longer deselects your units.2v2 maps will no longer be able to be played in 1v1 matches, and 3v3 maps will no longer be able to be played in 2v2 matches.Rohirrim and Archer Rohirrim had their hitpoints reversed.Mumakils now properly damage castle walls and Ent Moots.

Building and quickly canceling Rohan and/or Gondor wall upgrades no longer prevents melee siege units from attacking 1.02 2 battle earth middle patch those walls.
Heavy Armor upgrade for Elven Warriors now provides less resistance to archers, soldiers, and cavalry.
Single Player Campaign Fixes - Osgiliath - Eye of Sauron is not halted when attempting to cross the center of level's three bridges from either side - Minas Tirith - destroying the Citadel on the second level of Minas Tirith will no longer destroy all.